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  Walk Freaky
Dr Bone
8 Tracks total 39:24 .| 1st edition 2007


01Walk freaky 02:25
02 Happy pants 06:16
03 Love & delight 04:40
04 I came here to get ripped 05:27
05 Tinnitus ‘R’us 04:46
06 Elvis has left the planet 04:21
07 Do it do it 04:29
08 Just did it 06:51


What you could be holding would be the first legitimate, officially sanctioned attempt by C.Occipit (the composer) to introduce the crazy and beautiful world of dr Bone (the artist). .    
Consumer warning; ‘I came here to get ripped’ was previously released on the skint label and is reproduced here courteously, a special thanks to simon thornton and pete hurst. The Dr Bone animated film series will be in TV homes soon      
Walk Freaky, the intro which takes you very soon into the rollercoaster party, step by step until you realise you're actually in the middle of some freaked out place where it's really happening. Love And Delight, sexy and exciting. The fast changes to the fatty, buttery beats. Elvis has left the planet. Elvis in space indeed! on his way around the galaxy while accompanied by neon trumpets and hilarious horns, love that humming with bits of overdrive mixed in. fastfunfuturistic rocknroll.......comments from Ay Mey (Amsterdam)

Le prolifique Ashley Slater emprunte un nouveau pseudo sous pour ce projet moins clubby et soul que ses livraisons sous son propre nom. Cette house-là ne recherche pas l'efficacité primaire, à même de ravir les discothèques et leur panoplie de plaisirs superficiels. Ici, les montées en puissance sont progressives et font que les rythmes jamais trop enlevés parviennent néanmoins insidieusement à enivrer. Il faut dire que l'affaire est rondement menée et accompagne sans temps mort les mélomanes en recherche de simplicité et de décontraction. Ils retrouveront néanmoins quelques teintes de jazz "populaire", à même de dévergonder les plus coincés d'entre eux.
(Vincent Michaud)
comments from Ay Mey Lie (Amsterdam)      

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