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Req, Ashley Slater, Steve Argüelles
"Remember to keep the Xfader clean" .| 7 Tracks total 26:25 .| 2nd edition 2007


01 - Part I 2:55
02 - Part II 3:49
03 - Part III 3:28
04 - Part IV 2:29
05 - Part V 4:02
06 - Part VI 3:11
07 - Part VII 6:24



Is BN1 now a major culture capital? .
deqJam composed and created in Brighton, foregrounds Req, 'the lucid DJ", with Slater and Argüelles conspiring to resuscitate vinyl memories, formative moments sampled and sequenced over slippery, squelching, hazardous beats. Familiar snippets grow strange as they glide, collide, then collapse or dissolve. Jazz noises are stretched, condensed, filtered and phased until they become tantalising fragments or irritating particles.

Steve Argüelles et Ashley Slater conspirent pour ressusciter la mémoire de vinyles, judicieusement sélectionnés et agencés par leur hôte Req, ‘the lucid dj’. Un road movie qui s’attarde sur un jazz noise sensuel, biffurque sur des breakbeats rocailleux ou s’engage sur des boucles scintillantes. Un disque multiple, en perpétuel mouvement, pour sonophiles sonophages.
turntables, desk crossfade and effects as the guys go through their old vinyl collections, recycling to a trippy hip hop back beat. lean, clean and gets down to it. no plunderphonic media sprawl here but a tightness and focus of real music invention. seasoned and amusing crossfaded jazz nostalgia. (These Records).

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