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a plush compilation playlist of 14 Tracks total 69:00


01 - Jazz Guy 02:51
02 - happy clappy 04:18
03 - Happy Pants 05:45
04 - chalon 05:43
05 - deqjam pt II 03:54
06 - buenos aires (plush mix) 05:53
07 - line 3 04:18
08 - menico 06:32
09 - take a b... 04:53
10 - voci/silenzio 04:20
11 - groningen 04:44
12 - our dream 05:50
13 - time is rhythm 04:02
14 - core 07:43



1 - jazz guy (slater/barker) .    
    produced by ashley slater & guy barker featuring the piano of benoît delbecq. recorded in brighton by ashley and on-the-fly in paris by steve argüelles..      
    Lovely track. I like the swing, the cool attitude. I like the humour in it. Spacey athmosphere, very funky, happy mood. A fine track to welcome ppl aboard Snapshot, it makes you ask for more and it makes you feel comfortable. As if you're made at ease by the witty remarks of the host, though he's teasing you as well. A feelgood track to me      
2 - happy clappy (tsuyoshi nakamaru)      
    produced and composed by tagomago aka tsuyoshi nakamaru taken from the plush 08 album happy clappy, courtesy of the transonic label of tokyo.      
3 - happy pants (dr bone)      
    produced by dr bone taken from the plush 09 album walk freaky      
4 - chalon (argüelles/delbecq)      
    ambitronix are benoît delbecq on keyboards & steve argüelles. at the drums and live effects, recorded in concert in chalon-sûr-saône and taken from the plush 01 album ‘we da man!’      
5 - deqjam part II (argüelles/slater/cassar)      
    a vinyl session with req, ashley slater & steve argüelles recorded in brighton, taken from the plush 02 album deqjam      
6 - buenos aires (plush mix) (argüelles/piazzolla/surman)      
    piazzolla on-the-fly mixed by argüelles, incorporates a sample from ‘Edges of Illusion’ by John Surman from the album ‘Upon Reflection’ cp ECM Records 1979      
What I like is that, although I hear an air of romance, it doesn't get a cheap nostalgia trip along Piazzolla's heritage. it's very athmospheric and sincere. And you mix the Piazolla lines well with the beats. I like the searching, the sometimes uneven dry beats underneath the steady loop(s). very subtle but great progression. much has been done to mix Latin sounds with beats, but you definitely stand out with this one. it's genuine, it pays respect to the master and you allow yourself the required space to do your own thing with it, giving it your own feel. just very right. and yes, beautiful.
7 - line 3 (argüelles/delbecq)      
    benoît delbecq on piano with electronic assistance and obstacles by steve argüelles., taken from the plush 06 album ‘pianobook’      
8 - menico (domenico ferrari)      
    produced by domenico ferrari taken from the plush 05 album re:beat, contains drum samples from ‘beat & break shop’ plush 2000      
9 - take a b... (argüelles/slater)      
    produced by original master originally a 12” vinyl release on the patsy imprint and taken from the plush 04 album hotflush      
10 - voci/silenzio (curschellas/argüelles)      
the voice of corin curschellas with additional production from steve argüelles. from the future plush album of vocal solos cc:voicemail
11 - groningen (argüelles/delbecq)
ambitronix recorded live in groningen (NL) as part of an ongoing collection of live recordings to be released shortly
12 - our dream (ashley slater)
disco's remix (aka christophe minck) of ashley slater from the plush/patsy album ‘biglounge’ and taken from the remix collection ‘after hours - pilled & chilled’
13 - time is rhythm (steve argüelles)
electronic beats created by lipitone from steve argüelles. `beat & break shop' featured on the plush 03 album beatbox
14 - core (roderick packe)
produced by roderick packe and taken from the plush 07 album stills
    comments from Ay Mey Lie (Amsterdam)      

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