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Mulan Quan - a chinese feminine martial art


Mulan Quan


Cynthia Phung-Ngoc - ombre  

Mulan Quan (boxing or the first of Mulan) is a modern chinese martial art, a mix between traditional dance and Wushu (the entire range of martial arts). It is taught in various forms with bare fists, fans, swords, crop...
One moves to music which gives it a particular character in relation to rhythm, art and beauty.

Mulan Quan was created by Me Ying Mei Feng in the 1980s and is recognized as the 130th martial art by the chinese association of Wushu. It is rooted in an ancestral Chinese martial art, Huajia Quan (flower boxing) originated by a Taoist monk who was inspired by images of bouddhas and female figures discovered at an archeological site, its name pays homage to the Chinese heroine Hua Mulan (magnolia flower).

Practised as a daily gymnastic, it brings together excercises of Qi Gong and Tai Chi orientated to the well being of body and mind.


Cynthia Phung-Ngoc




In conjuction with university studies in sociology and ethnology, Cynthia worked in contemporary dance. She became a professional dancer performing with several of the leading companies on the contemporary dance scene, performing with Josef Nadj at the Centre Chorégraphique d’Orléans. She is a co- fonder of the collective Kubilaï Khan Investigations and later formed her own dance company in which she pursued a rapport with nature elements as well as her Vietnamise, North American and Native American origins.

Recipient of a 'diplôme d’état’ in contemporary dance.

She praticises Hatha Yoga since 1996 and added the meditational dimension after discovering Tibetan buddhism in 2002 following an initiation in Kalachakra Mandala given by the Dalai-Lamain Graz, Austria. In 2003 she was initiated in Van An Phai, a traditional Vietnamise martial art with the master Maitre Truong Quang Kim in Hué, Vietnam, working with him on a series of moves with swords, aswell as discovering the chinese energic arts used in the practice of meditation and breathing techniques of Chi Qong.

She discovered Mulan Quan in Paris with Madame Wang Xian Qin. In 2014 she obtained the diploma in Mulan Quan dispensed by the Shanghai School of Martial Arts.

All the while enriching her work with world travels enabling her to meet Tupi-Guarani heelers of Brazil, the Tsaatan people of Mongolia and their chamanic medicine.