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Little River - ít Sông
Cynthia Phung-Ngoc
Concert Dansé Performance
Red Cardell Bienvenue   Little River, ít Sông is a work concerned with cultural heritage, geographical links to multiple places, identities and tribes. It is a multidisciplinary setting of music, dance, video and poetry that is constructed and adapted to the performance space.

Red Cardell
Finistère tour, Brittany
Red Cardell Bienvenue   A rock concert mixing world music, with Red Cardell and 5 artists from 5 continents, for ages from 6 years. Invited guests Cynthia Phung-Ngoc (Asie, Vietnam), Iryna Danylejko (Europe,Ukraine), Emmelene Landon (Océanie, Australie), Farid Aït-Siameur (Afrique,Algérie) et Jean-François Dumas (Amérique,Québec). Words and music co-written by Karin Serres and Jean-Pierre Riou (Red Cardell).>more info
Salle du Coat-Kaër QUIMPERLÉ - 20h30
Friday 18 November 2016
Salle Ar Sterenn CHÂTEAUNEUF-DU-FAOU - 10h30
Friday 9 December 2016
Centre Culturel Arthémuse BRIEC - 18h
Saturday 10 December 2016
Sunday 11 December 2016
Salle Avel Dro PLOZÉVET - 10H & 15h
Tuesday 14 December 2016
Loc-Eguiner SAINT-THÉGONNEC - 18h
Friday 16 December 2016
Pavillon de Penvillers QUIMPER - 20h30
Saturday 17 December 2016
Atelier Cynthia Phung-Ngoc  

A Mulan Quan Workshop at Concarneau "Butterfly Rainbows", contemporary dance workshop at Quimperlé "Migrating Fireflies" for children and adults.>more info





The Rae Forrest Project
Paula Rae Gibson
in concert
Paula Rae Gibson and Cynthia Phung-Ngoc  

Memorable concert at London's Vortex Jazz Club with The Rae Forrest Project, led by the artist and singer Paula Rae Gibson, together Mike Flynn ( bass, electronics), Sam Leak (piano & keyboards) and invited guest Cynthia Phung-Ngoc >plus info


Vortex Jazz Club, London - 20h
Sunday 17 April 2016


Mr Truong Quang Kim
Van An Phai Master
Maitre Truong Quang Kim | Van An Phai   Master Truong Quang Kim will be in Paris from the 18th of April till the 3rd of May 2015 >plus info
Mulan Quan Workshops
Mulan Quan atelier adulte  
Micadanses, Paris - 14h-16h
Saturday 22 march 2014
Micadanses, Paris - 14h-16h
Saturday 26 April 2014
Micadanses, Paris - 14h-16h
Sunday 18 May 2014
Micadanses, Paris - 14h-16h
Sunday 15 June 2014

Mulan Quan Workshops
Espace Jemmapes, Paris 19h-20h30
20-24 October 2014