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Benefits of practice / the procedure of a course in Mulan Quan


Fluidity, breathing, circulation, grounding

Cynthia Phung-Ngoc - water



The Mulan Quan class starts with exercices in flexibility and the relaxing of muscles and joints. This helps the fluidity, cordination and quality of movements. The body thus prepared, warmup exercises using certain Mulan Qi Gong essential techniques work on axis, the waist and the flow of energy. The body is reinforced and grounded.

Practice of Mulan Quan continues with sequenced movements with bare fists or with weapons. introducing principle steps, (pas de l’arc, pas vide, pas de repos, pas du cavalier…), foot techniques (turning, pivoting, coup de talon, pas de lotus...) and hands (support, pierce, push, rolling…). The sequences are danced in a continuous fluid phrase.

Movements in Mulan Quan are pointed in 8 directions.

Meditative postures for relaxing the body are used to end the class.

The benefits of this discipline are numerous, it develops concentration, body memory, posture, balanced roundness, fluidity, agility and suppless. It develops grâce and beauty in movement, intensifies the search of harmony. It grounds the body, allowing for self fulfilment. Regular practice acts on personnel health, enabling the réduction of problems concerning joints, hypertension and cardiovasculaire.


Teaching practices in workshop, individual lessons and collective courses
Mulan Fan
1 fan, 38 mouvements
2 fans, the landscape of XI HU, Ying Mei Feng school
1 fan (the perfume of Mulan, multi coloured butterflies flutter)
Fan with long silk, Ying Mei Feng school

Fist of Mulan
Series of 28 movements with bare fists

Sword of Mulan
48 movements with single sword.
Sword with long, heroic posture of Mulan

La cravache / Crop of Mulan
The Lotus flowers in water