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Massimo Ricci
the influence of Billows on my psychophysical organization has been incredible in barely three days of listening.

In the history of Abstract hip-hop / trip-hop, everybody know DJ Cam, DJ Krush, the Ninja Tune label, but REQ isn't as well-know, why... I don't know...I think this guy is the messiah of abstract hip-hop and smoked ambiances. I think it's the only one who really succeeds in showing the spirit of hip-hop culture, the only one who shares with us the spirit of hip-hop, graff, skate, and breakdance ambiances.
In the album, Razzamatazz and subculture are unbelievable...
ramshackle happiness
My god, this is what the world needs. A sort of haphazard antidote to all that saccharin – a natural, earthy, gentle compendium of odd noises and broken beats. Turn away from those horrid oily commercial chillout albums and get anything by REQ. The emphasis here is on simplicity, calm, the sort of thing that helps you think. Twisted drum and bass laid over with raising-hair-on-back-of-neck weird sounds – this is refreshing.

ziryab (Chicago, IL)
Maybe the best jazz of 2000.
Incredible jazz, free and strangely coherent at the same time. Benoît Delbecq deserves to be better known in the US. Check out his work with Francois Houle and with his unit."Phonetics" is another incredible release of this brilliant and inventive pianist. Highly recommended!

Frank-a-delic (UK)
Songs to live your life by.
......what beautiful pieces of personal song writing these are.
Covering all the major life topics of family, love (good & bad) and, yes, sex. This album has been a soundtrack to my life over the last few years (my daughter was conceived to it!) and will, I am sure, continue to do so for a long time to come.
Ashley Slater understands that grown ups are happy, sad, & sometimes just plain silly. This album captures this fact perfectly!

A music fan, amazon.com
One of the best albums to spring from the london jazz scene. Jan 2002
I've been listening to Busy Listening for more than 5 years. I never get tired of this album. For me it is one of the recordings that defines the nature of the post Loose Tubes British Jazz sound.
The music ranges from original compositions by Arguelles to Gershwin's 'Nice work..', to a bursting take of 'Big Fan' by John Scofield.
Steve Arguelles is inspirational both as composer and instrumentalist, his energy and spirit supported all the way by the band. The spontaneity suggesting that the musicians just love playing this music.
Guitarist Stuart Hall explores every possible corner, while Julian Arguelles(alto sax) and Hugh Warren (piano, accordion) bring out the character of the tunes with their usual magic.
It is also worth noting that the music is beautifully recorded.
This album will bring some new colours to US-oriented jazz listeners while seasoned fans of european jazz will hear the kind of wit, subtlety and extravagance that have become associated with the cream of London's improvising musicians.