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  Roderick Packe    
producer, photographer


Plush CD
05 - re:Beat
06 - PianoBook
07 - Stills
10 - Snapshot

Plush vinyl
EP02 - Selection Two


His meditative, almost devotional sound works explore feelings of immediacy and duration, distance and proximity, movement and stasis.

Roderick Packe’s photographs have been exhibited internationally and are held in many public and private collections. “…his intensely coloured prints are created by condensing elapsing time and movement into a single image, superimposing carefully choreographed tracking shots into a single frame to make what he has called still movies rather than film stills. The lush, polymorphous manifestations of flowing colour that result can be reminiscent of many natural phenomena of light – dawns, sunsets, the aurora borealis, luminous mists, glimpses of clarity through a hazy blur – bringing to mind the painter J.M.W. Turner's suggestion, speaking of his late landscape paintings in which gaseous colours fade into one another, that ‘vagueness is my forte’.” Derek Horton, from ‘Beyond Recognition’, Optic Nerve, 2003.

Présent dans nombre de galeries et expositions internationales, Roderick Packe crée des photographies enclines à la contemplation hypnotique. Rythmées par le tissage subtile de jeux de couleurs, le mouvement intense de motifs de lumière, ces œuvres se tiennent sur le fil tendu du visible et de l’invisible, du statique et du dynamique. Il transpose ce paysage mental contrasté dans une ambient à la discrétion monumentale, emprunte de mélancolie savamment dosée. Une musique à la fois irradiante et enveloppante.

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