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  Marc Chalosse    
- a.k.a. Lipitone, keyboards, producer


Plush CD
03 - Beatbox
2000 - Beat & Break Shop
PH01 - La Nébuleuse Continentale


An unconventional explorer and travelling musician. Paris-born Marc Chalosse had a classical music eductaion before moving towards jazz and subsequently head-on into electronic music. He masters a way of playing with sampling, repetition, links and detuning effects, adapting those techniques to his musical vision. Behind the persona also known as Lipitone he transposes the techniques normally associated with DJs to the piano keyboard radically modifying his approach to composition and his instrument.

Musicien-voyageur atypique, avec Lipitone l’explorateur Marc Chalosse aborde douceureusement le rivage des musiques électroniques. Il expérimente les possibilités sonores des horizons technologiques comme un trousseau de clefs qui ouvre la porte de multiples univers intimes…Il transpose au clavier des techniques de jeu propres aux DJ. Sa maîtrise de l’échantillonage, enchaînements, répétitions, placements rythmiques modifient radicalement son approche de la composition ainsi que son jeu instrumental.

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